740i Paper Jogger

Perfect jogging performed quickly with the air blower

740i Paper Jogger

Jogging time is significantly reduced by the effect of the air blower. Wet ink on printed papers is quickly dried by the air, thus preventing staining of the paper by the ink.

Thanks to the high-power air blower, which is the most powerful in its class, the AJ-700 reliably jogs unevenly arranged papers very quickly. It prevents the paper from becoming soiled by blowing air between the sheets.

Paper handling is possible with the AJ-700 before loading into a printer or collator, so that the paper feed errors such as empty and double feeding are reduced.





Max sheet size: 328 X 450mm
Max loading: 800 sheets of 64gsm
Standard accessories: A4 / Letter size jogger tray, A3/ Ledger size jogger tray, foot switch.
Jogger depth: 100mm
Dimensions : W470 x D420 x H995mm
Electrical Requirements 110, 117, or 230VAC, 50 or 60Hz
Product Weight 35Kg



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