CP Bourg

For over fifty years, C.P. Bourg plays a pioneering role and promotes new technologies to adapt to the modernization of the printing world. Our success is based on our core company values: quality, innovation and efficiency.


Our employees pride themselves in consistently delivering the highest value across all stages of production of our machines. We perform extensive analysis and research during the development stage, rigorous stress tests during the product validation stage and dedicated production testing throughout the manufacturing stage. Our Customer Service is friendly, attentive and efficient. Our Quality Management System is ISO 9001 certified. It is because we focus on quality that we maintain privileged relationships with companies such as HP INDIGO®, KODAK®, OCE/CANON®, RICOH® and XEROX®.

Picture of Bourg Booklet Maker (BM-e)

The Bourg Booklet Maker (BM-e) is C.P. Bourg’s high-end award winning booklet maker that utilizes the latest technology with unparalleled quality and speed to produce on-demand booklets.

Picture of Bourg Binder BB3002 EVA / PUR-C

The Bourg Binder BB3002 EVA/Hot melt / PUR-C is designed to create state of the art perfect bound books while being user-friendly - thanks to the color touchscreen interface (GUI)

Picture of Bourg Binder BB3102 EVA / PUR-C

The Bourg Binder BB3102 is an automated perfect binding system aimed at medium-run and short-run production environments. It is ideal for On-Demand Book of One production.

Picture of Bourg Sheet Feeder (BSF)

For customers hesitating between Off-Line and In-Line finishing, C.P. Bourg offers the best of both worlds with the Dual-Mode Bourg Sheet Feeder (BSF). It allows multiple printers/presses to share one finishing device. Positioned In-Line between a printer/press and the finishing equipment, the BSF allows digital and offset print shops with different printers to easily shift and/or merge job production using the Dual-Mode (by shifting between In-Line and Off-Line/Near-Line modes), achieving productivity increases while maintaining integrity of collated output.

Picture of Bourg Document Finisher (BDF-e)

The Bourg Document Finisher (BDF-e) is a high-end, compact and fully automated booklet maker. All parameters are controlled by a user-friendly color touchscreen interface in which stitching, folding, and trimming operations are completed in a single enclosed unit. This guarantees set integrity and a maximum speed of 4,200 booklets/hour.

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