Dibipak 4255 Restyling Shrink Wrapper

Used Dibipak 4255 shrink wrapper. Slight damage to the cover from heat (as seen in picture) but has no effect on the finished product. Machine in perfect working order, comes fully serviced with a 6 month warranty.

Dibipack 4255 EVR Restyling 

Dibipack 4255 EVR Restyling
Working Cycle electronically controlled by a microprocessor
  • It is possible to memorize 8 different working programs
  • Possibility to start shrinking when sealing is completed
  • Automatic adjustment of sealing-time: the machine adjusts the sealing-time automatically according to the packaging speed.
  • Hold-down solenoid included and adjustable: the hood remains closed up to the end of shrinking.
  • Hold-down solenoid: the hood remains closed up to the end of shrinking.
  • Reopening system through gas spring
  • Starting control with proximity
  • Energy-saving function: the machine goes in “stand-by" if it does not work for a recordable period
  • Unitcounter included
  • Stand and Scrap-rewind on request


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