Hohner Compact Booklet Maker

For the first time, the functions of bookletmaking and trimming are now combined in a single and compact unit. With the widest range of different formats in its class and a short set-up time, it is particularly suited for small, medium and frequently changing run lengths making it ideal for digital or offset printing.
Manufacturer: Hohner

Hohner Compact

The Hohner Compact is unbeaten in quality and performance, the patented stapling-folding principle guarantees an exact position of the staples on the spine.

Pressing the spine before front trimming gives the booklet a sharp fold. The flat clinches ensure a close fit of the staple and a clean and professional look and the in-feed belt ensures a smooth paper transport. In addition, the Foldnak Compact is equipped with a side and front jogger as standard to make sure all pages are knocked up prior to stapling and folding.

Especially valuable for digital printers: the Hohner Compact works independently from any print engine and is therefore the perfect supplement to online machines. It is a suitable solution for printers who need to fast and flexible.

Speed Upto 2000 bph
Dimensions: L 1030mm x W 710mm x H 860mm
Electrical Requirements: 230v 50hz
Product Weight: 240kgs
Shipping Weight: -

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