Kompac Kwik Koat EZ Koat 20 Coater

Used EZ Koat 20 in superb condition, suitable for both small and large jobs, the EZ Koat 20 Plus can be used offline to produce jobs on-demand, using sheets up to 20.5” wide. For users looking to produce higher volumes, the EZ Koat 20 Plus can be placed inline with large format printers to create an automated workflow solution. Using the Kompac conveyer system, printed sheets are automatically sent to the EZ Koat 20, where they are flood coated, cured and re-stacked.

Kompac EZ Koat 20

  • Cost effective, sheet-fed or web flood coating and priming system

  • Can be used inline or offline

  • Handles substrates up to 20.5” (520mm) by unlimited length

  • Provides coating control and speed adjustment on-the-fly with the color touch screen

  • Uses Solid State Digital UV lamp controller that permits infinite curing and temperature control, saving power and money

  • Eliminates the need for re-circulation of the coating – no waste!

  • 2-minute coating change (no tanks to clean!)

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