Morgana KB Printbind 2000 Perfect Binder

Perfect bind books up to 60mm in thickness with the Morgana Printbind KB2000 perfect binder. This hot melt glue binder offers a strong and professional finish.

Morgana Printbind KB2000 Perfect Binder

We are pleased to offer this excellent used condition Morgana Printbind KB2000 Perfect Binder. This machine perfect binds books up to 60mm in thickness, using hot melt glue that gives a strong and professional finish.

A unique milling device provides the best sheet preparation allowing a high level amount of glue to all sheets.  Sheets are placed in to the pneumatic clamp and then transported across the milling station and glue rollers to the cover station.  The binding process is automatic and made easy by using just the ‘start’ button only.  Once the binding process is complete the clamp releases the book to be taken out of the machine.  This machine requires compressed air.


  • Binding Length  120mm – 400mm
  • Binding Height  120mm – 320mm
  • Max. cover format  710mm – 440mm
  • Binding thickness  up to 60mm
  • max. cover thickness  120gsm – 300gsm
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