Morgana System AF350/500 VF350/500 Bookletmaker and Trimmer

The Morgana BM350/500 is a modular booklet making solution for centralised reproduction departments and commercial print providers - large and small.
Manufacturers: Plockmatic , Morgana

System AF350/500 VF350/500

Customers can choose from a range of cost-effective options to support their application requirements. The system is packed with a host of unique technologies that deliver finished books with quality to match today’s printing systems.

Customers are demanding more media versatility from digital print. The Morgana BM350/500 is designed from the ground up to work with today’s coated, uncoated and textured paper stocks.

Key Features:

  • BM500 - 200 page (50 sheet) hand fed booklet maker 
  • BM350 - 140 page (35 sheet) hand fed booklet maker
  • Intuitive colour graphical user interface
  • Patented folding mechanism provides a sharp and professional finish
  • Book thickness measuring automatically sets the fold rollers
  • Heavy duty stapling heads with 5000 staple cartridge
  • Face Trimmer Module option will trim the shingle off the front of the book
  • Optional Squarefold unit to give square edged books with flatter finish.
  • Modular Design
  • System 350/500 - Optional CST Creasing and Side trimming unit, Beltstacker

Bookletmaker - The simplest configuration includes the Booklet Maker and output tray to provide a simple solution to producing hand fed sets - stapling, folding and stacking.

Face Trimmer – the addition of the trimmer removes the shingled effect on the face of the folded document and provides a clean document edge.

Squarefold – this unit adds a square folded spine for a professional, perfect bound look to the finished book.

Hand feeding - Output from any print device can be manually fed through the booklet maker, face trim and squarefold modules.

Dual Bin Feeder Options - The high capacity AF602 or VF602 dual bin feeder, or the ACF510 gives the ability for long uninterrupted runs of booklets. The bins can be loaded on the run with pre-collated sets from multiple print engines.

System 350/500 Options - The System 350/500 can be enhanced by adding either the CR500 creasing module or the CST500 creasing and side slitting module. Full bleed production, the CST500 crease and side trim unit can be added. Side edges can be removed from the sheets meaning there is no need to trim the booklets in an offline guillotine prior to production.




Product specifications:

  • Speed: 35-50 Sheet bookletmaker
  • Dimensions: Overall length 3717mm
  • Electrical Requirements: 100-230V 50-60Hz
  • Product Weight: -
  • Shipping Weight: -

Product manuals:



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