Morgana PowerSquare 160 booklet maker

The Morgana PowerSquare™ 160 meets the needs of mid to high volume printers, capable of producing A4 landscape books.
Manufacturers: Plockmatic , Plockmatic , Morgana

PowerSquare 160

The machine is configured with one or two precise and reliable vacuum feeders, each with a 150mm capacity. OMR is standard, with optional barcode readers. Finishing your print jobs offline gives flexibility in your workflow and handles the output from multiple digital engines.

The PowerSquare™160 is a modular open-architecture system that is flexible and versatile: it lets you produce booklets from a wide range of sheet sizes and materials, including A4 landscape format and heavy cover stocks. With optional accessories for full bleed trimming and book stacking, enabling you to increase productivity and efficiency.

Hand feeding

Hand feeding is often the most practical solution for low volume digital printed jobs, where ease of set-up and flexible media sizes are important. Book quality is never a compromise with the fully featured Hand feed PowerSquare™ 160. This model is designed with an easy upgrade path to add feeders or operate inline to your printer.

PowerSquare Two-­Knife Trimmer

The PowerSquare Two-­Knife Trimmer (P2T) is a compact module that completes the booklet making process by trimming the top and bottom edges of the book. It provides a professional solution for full-­bleed printed work, especially important for colour printed applications.

Fully automated from the PowerSquare’s user interface, up to 40mm can be trimmed from each end of the book, and the trim position can be offset to match the image position. All trimmings are transported outside the machine to a high capacity external waste box, allowing continuous operation.

Key Features:

  • Paper Size -  Hand Feed: 140 x 200mm to 370 x 620mm Online: 200 x 200mm to 370 x 620mmStock Range - 60 to 400gsm Dependent on paper type and quality
  • Book thickness: Minimum set thickness - 1 sheet 80gsm (when folded makes an 4 page leaflet
  • Maximum finished book thickness - 8mm (approx 160 pages 80gsm)
  • Maximum set thickness - 4mm (approx 40 pages 80gsm)
  • Stapling/Stitching - 2 low impact staple heads with moving clinchers. Auto-adjusting staple pitch according to sheet size, range 105-150mm. 
  • Staples per cartridge - 5000
  • Dimensions Offline - W1400mm x D1750mm x H1330mm
  • *Standard book is made from 20 sheets of 80gsm bond paper, with 2 stitches

Input sheet size (Min): 200 x 140 mm / 7.87" x 5.5"
Input sheet size (Max): 370 x 620 mm / 14.5" x 24.4"
Paper weight (Min): 60 gsm / 16 lb Bond
Paper weight (Max): 400 gsm / 150 lb Cover
Book thickness (Min): 1 sheet folded / 2 sheets stitched and folded
Book thickness (Max): 8mm (approx. 160 pages @80 gsm)
Staples per booklet: 2
Staples per cartridge: 5000
Face trim (Max): 28 mm / 1.1"
Trimmed booklet size (Min): 78 mm / 3.07"
Output conveyor capacity: 20 booklets
Book Stacker capacity (Optional): 930 mm / 36.6"
Power: 100-230V 50-60Hz

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