Rhin-O-Tuff ONYX Rhin-O-Roll Electric Coil Inserter

Constructed with two 12-inch dual powered rollers, this adaptable coil inserter is designed for fast binding of documents of all pitches and diameters.
Manufacturer: Rhin-O-Tuff

ONYX HD4170 Electric “Rhin-O-Roll” Coil Inserter Module


The HD4170 "Rhin-O-Roll" Coil Inserter Module has 12-inch dual powered rollers with an adjustable lower roller for high performance and easier more accurate coil insertion. It has gauges to measure document thickness and coil sizing.


An essential piece of binder equipment, the HD4170 coil binding system can be used as a stand-alone production coil inserter or it can be attached to any vertical OD or HD Series binder equipment (optional mounting kit available).


Designed for fast coil insertion for all pitches and diameters. All HD4170 comb, wire and spiral coil binding systems come with crimper pliers and a built-in holder.

Product Features

12 inch (305mm) Dual Powered Rollers, lower roller adjusts for easier more accurate coil insertion. Book thickness gauge. Coil sizing gauge. Fits on all vertical OD and HD Series Machines (optional mounting kit available).
Can be used as a stand-alone Production Coil Inserter. Crimping pliers and crimping pliers holder. Inserts All Pitches and Diameters. Superior rubber formula grabs coil better. 3 Year Warranty.


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