Uchida Aerocut Classic

Cut, Crease, Slit, Perf in one pass… Professional card cutter and creaser used AeroCut offers cut and crease finishing for any card sizes up to a maximum 365mm(W) x 520mm(L) sheet. This machine comes in superb condition and is in perfect working order and comes with 6 months warranty

Aerocut Classic

Finishing solution on both digital and offset field is offered by the UCHIDA AeroCut Auto Cutter and Creaser.

All jobs, cutting, creasing and perforating are operated with touch screen. This enables time saving, no complicate setting and specific acknowledgement required. Japanese high quality cutter, slitter and creaser can fulfill finishing result for all kinds of cards.

  • 6 Rotary Slitting Knives
  • Cross Cut Knife
  • Matrix Creasing with adjustable depth
  • Perforation unit with twin perf wheels
  • Reg mark reader to eliminate print wandering
  • Program memory for 80 jobs
  • Feeds over 350gsm

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